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My frient Agent2 Holtze – one of the Danes I had gotten to know during my early months in Eve – got me into Caldari Scouting and Intel Group (CSIG) and helped me move to Stain. He explained to me that we were blue – friendly – with both the two other corps living in the system, but they were fighting each other, so we had to be careful not to give intel on either side. Then he handed me a ferox and fittings and told me to go rat so I could build up some ISK for PVP…

I soon found out that especially three persons were very active in the area. The always silent, but deadly killer, Severe Pain – the talkative and somewhat scary End Yourself – and their grumpy but somehow impressive CEO Non Serviam. They were all members of a small corp called Core Domination.

Well, I started ratting – but my skills were not exactly impressive, so I managed to lose my Ferox to a group of rats in a belt. Then, silly as I was, I tried to warp to the belt in my hauler to get at least my surviving gear back to station – and that was killed by the rats too!

Worried, I looked in local. Sure, there was the guy called Non Serviam – and one of the members of the corp he was fighting. I noticed that he was using autoreject, so any attempt to do a private convo and ask for help was going to fail. So I tried asking for help in local, not really expecting to get it.

Non Serviam of Core Domination

Non Serviam of Core Domination

But… he agreed to help me. Despite having a hostile in system, he undocked and warped to the belt in his Dominix and killed off the rats. I asked him to take my gear with him, but he said he could not, as it was a PVP fittet ship and full of cap boosters. But – he offered to give me a new hauler, so I could go back and get my gear.

At last, I had found the Knight in Shining Armor that I had almost stopped believing in 😀


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