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Inspired by todays best post in Eve Online General Forum by DubanFP.

Ok, taking a break from the trip down memory lane, I think I’ll talk about one of my pet peewees. I seriously hate it when people do not fit to match the boni of the ship…

If you want to fit jammers, fly a griffin, blackbird, scorpion, falcon or kitsune. DON’T FLY A FREAKING MERLIN!!!

If you want to use lasers, fly Amarr ships with bonus to them!

And if you want to do PVP… don’t fly a freaking mining ship.

Oh, and don’t expect a girl to fit modules to match in color just because she is a girl. About 99.99% of us females actually think. Those who want to play dress-up and color co-ordinate are more likely to go with World of Warcraft than with Eve.

Although… I do take a lot of time making a new character, even for the lowliest alt, because I want the face, the background and the light to be just right…


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