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A bit off my path into my past, I guess, more a look into my present. I am the CEO of Dromedary Goat Albatross and Fish – a corp which teaches noobs to PVP and then takes them with us into 0.0. Some make it, some don’t. Some leave us to be pirates like our beloved Wensley – some leave us to join other alliances – and some stay with us and help us teach more noobs. Some just stop playing and don’t tell us, go dormant. Sometimes it can be a bit of a repetitive and boring job, but most of the time, teaching noobs has a reward of its own.

This weekend, I was doing a fleet ops seminar for a group of new and semi-experienced pilots, teaching them about the difference of a fleet compared to flying on your own, commands used in a fleet, some of the dangers of 0.0 and what to expect once you get into 0.0. It is a a seminar we do while in high sec, and we even allow guests to join us, as it is quite safe and does not reveal secrets, so if you would like to try it, do sign up at our forum and look for the next one. Anyway, at the end of our fleet ops, I took my noobs to a nearby 0.0 gate where a camp of friendlies had a bubble on the gate and we were able to join in easily. In a relatively short while, we manage to take out an Enyo and I was pretty happy with the end of the day, as it meant all my noobs had been blooded successfully.

And then I woke up the next day to find out that one of the youngest of my noobs had gone out the next morning to prove me wrong. You see – I keep claiming that caldari frigs are no good for solo pvp. And that rifters are pretty good for that purpose… Well, young Lord Zekk did not want to listen. So he went to Wensleys homesystem and killed a rifter in his Kestrel

That’s the kind of mornings that makes it great to teach noobs. When they make me wake up and see that they listen, they do learn and they take what they learn and use it to be better than me at what they what to do. That’s why one of my mottos is “A noob a day makes the boredom go away”.

Lord Zekks After Action Report on the fight – you may need to register to read it.


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Inspired by todays best post in Eve Online General Forum by DubanFP.

Ok, taking a break from the trip down memory lane, I think I’ll talk about one of my pet peewees. I seriously hate it when people do not fit to match the boni of the ship…

If you want to fit jammers, fly a griffin, blackbird, scorpion, falcon or kitsune. DON’T FLY A FREAKING MERLIN!!!

If you want to use lasers, fly Amarr ships with bonus to them!

And if you want to do PVP… don’t fly a freaking mining ship.

Oh, and don’t expect a girl to fit modules to match in color just because she is a girl. About 99.99% of us females actually think. Those who want to play dress-up and color co-ordinate are more likely to go with World of Warcraft than with Eve.

Although… I do take a lot of time making a new character, even for the lowliest alt, because I want the face, the background and the light to be just right…

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As it is, Tolin was quite upset when I told him that I was seconds from losing my caracal in a “friendly” duel. Especially when he heard that Exitium had been in a BS against a cruiser – and yet used drones… So we made a plan to show Exitium the reality of PVP.

Using my main PVP character, I once more agreed to a duel with Exitium. It was agreed that we would each use a frig. I choose a griffin, one of my absolute favourite ships. Exitium, eager to win again, choose a merlin and fittet it with, among other things, a best named Caldari jammer.

But this time Tolin and I did not want to play fair. We had a surprise planned. Hidden in system was Tolin in a blackbird, so when Exitium warped with me to a safespot in Amoderia, he soon realized that we were not alone.

Tolin helped me kill Exitiums Merlin – and then prompted me to kill the pod on my own. Of course Exitium was very upset by this betrayal of trust, this unfair treatment. But in our opinion, being in a cruiser and a frig vs. a frig was as fair as being in a BS vs. a cruiser and using drones. As I told him, in real PVP I would never be alone.

For a while Exitium ranted and raved about wanting to get us wardecked. Our CEO took this thread as seriously as it warranted – which is to say, not at all.

Lesson of the day: PVP is not about being fair – but it is about being a team. And life in low sec was costing me heavily in sec status, so it was time for me to move to 0.0…

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It was way back in time. I was still relatively low on ISK, flying a caracal in level 2 missions with my “nice girl” alt and flying as a tackler for my good friend Tolin Dorden when out to do PVP. We were in the good corp Hmm UK back them and always had lots of fun in the ingame channel Hmmsters.

I often picked up newish players who chatted in local and on one of my trips to Jita, I ran into a young wannabe pirate named Exitium. He kept shouting in local for people to play 1-vs-1 and I invited him into our public channel. And for a while, it was all good. He got to know us, we got to know him.

He still wanted to do 1-vs-1 more than anything. He was already flying battleships, while I was still in cruisers, so I knew that it would be a mockery of a duel. But, since my ego wasn’t as big as his, I figured I would do a duel with him – after all, it was supposed to be friendly, with all aggression ending when the ships had taken 2/3 of armor damage.

So we met in Amoderia, a 0.4 system near my Sinq Laison base. And the duel began. Only, Exitium really wanted to WIN! As if being in a battleship vs. a noob in a caracal wasn’t enough – he started using drones. This was back in a time, where drones were kind of hard to control and could not always be reliably recalled… so I ended up having to warp out with my ship dipping into structure damage.

After this, I realized that I don’t like duelling. It is not anything like real PVP at all, does not even show a true measure of strength and isn’t really fun. It just serves to boost the ego of small boys who cannot handle real PVP…

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At first, I was going to just be a nice girl, doing missions in high sec. Not run around doing wild and crazy PVP like Tolin Dorden – and certainly not be a pirate as he was at times!!!

But… that did not last long. He filled my head with stories about ravens and crows and the laughter of PVP – and within weeks, I was hooked. I had to try this PVP thing… but… I was way too young to be considered by his very serious and professional PVP corp, Euphoria Released. So… I persuaded him to take me along on some trips to low sec, teaching me how to tackle for his raven. We soon ran rampant in the pirate infested systems of Jan and Nalvula, reasonably close to Jita for easy shopping.

Soon, my sec status was showing a bit of wear. And after some months, I had gone below -2. I was in all but nature, a pirate.

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