As it is, Tolin was quite upset when I told him that I was seconds from losing my caracal in a “friendly” duel. Especially when he heard that Exitium had been in a BS against a cruiser – and yet used drones… So we made a plan to show Exitium the reality of PVP.

Using my main PVP character, I once more agreed to a duel with Exitium. It was agreed that we would each use a frig. I choose a griffin, one of my absolute favourite ships. Exitium, eager to win again, choose a merlin and fittet it with, among other things, a best named Caldari jammer.

But this time Tolin and I did not want to play fair. We had a surprise planned. Hidden in system was Tolin in a blackbird, so when Exitium warped with me to a safespot in Amoderia, he soon realized that we were not alone.

Tolin helped me kill Exitiums Merlin – and then prompted me to kill the pod on my own. Of course Exitium was very upset by this betrayal of trust, this unfair treatment. But in our opinion, being in a cruiser and a frig vs. a frig was as fair as being in a BS vs. a cruiser and using drones. As I told him, in real PVP I would never be alone.

For a while Exitium ranted and raved about wanting to get us wardecked. Our CEO took this thread as seriously as it warranted – which is to say, not at all.

Lesson of the day: PVP is not about being fair – but it is about being a team. And life in low sec was costing me heavily in sec status, so it was time for me to move to 0.0…


Why I never do 1-vs-1

It was way back in time. I was still relatively low on ISK, flying a caracal in level 2 missions with my “nice girl” alt and flying as a tackler for my good friend Tolin Dorden when out to do PVP. We were in the good corp Hmm UK back them and always had lots of fun in the ingame channel Hmmsters.

I often picked up newish players who chatted in local and on one of my trips to Jita, I ran into a young wannabe pirate named Exitium. He kept shouting in local for people to play 1-vs-1 and I invited him into our public channel. And for a while, it was all good. He got to know us, we got to know him.

He still wanted to do 1-vs-1 more than anything. He was already flying battleships, while I was still in cruisers, so I knew that it would be a mockery of a duel. But, since my ego wasn’t as big as his, I figured I would do a duel with him – after all, it was supposed to be friendly, with all aggression ending when the ships had taken 2/3 of armor damage.

So we met in Amoderia, a 0.4 system near my Sinq Laison base. And the duel began. Only, Exitium really wanted to WIN! As if being in a battleship vs. a noob in a caracal wasn’t enough – he started using drones. This was back in a time, where drones were kind of hard to control and could not always be reliably recalled… so I ended up having to warp out with my ship dipping into structure damage.

After this, I realized that I don’t like duelling. It is not anything like real PVP at all, does not even show a true measure of strength and isn’t really fun. It just serves to boost the ego of small boys who cannot handle real PVP…

Back to being a noob

… but mainly about blogging…

I was thinking I could make pages sort of be the chapters of my story and move my posts to the chapters that fit. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

Help!!! Is it possible? And if you know how, tell me or I’ll pod you! Repeatedly!

Playing an MMO

Once I used to think playing an online game was not going to be me. Well, I guess I was a little worried, truthfully, that I may like it too much 😛

And I was right to be worried. I love to play Eve Online. I love my friends, chatting, hanging out on ventrilo, just sharing the joy of this game of internet spaceships. Hey, I even love a drunken Oveur on Eve TV during the tournament.

One of the biggest wonders of Eve is how close the community really is. And that is why a post like this is a real puzzle to me. In short, it is a guy who is asking on Eve Onlines General Discussion forum how to get friends in Eve without being in a corp. He does not want to share missions, does not want to be in a corp, does not want to PVP with others – but he wants them to fullfill his social needs.


I’ll just leave you with your mouth open like that…


My favourite Tolin Dorden quotes

Tolin Dorden > I once woke up from a dream…
Tolin Dorden > ex wasn’t really pleased
Tolin Dorden > appearantly I’d held her really tight.. locked my legs and arms around her and thrown her around in the bed while shouting loud: HELP ME GOD DAMN! I’VE CAUGHT THE CROCODILE

… that’s so Tolin…

The full quote as posted at omgrawr.net

Tolin Dorden > anyone got some Lagcorestabs?
Tolin Dorden > I’d like to buy a few

The quote at omgrawr.net

Tolin Dorden > someone… remind me…. NOT to even think of attackin ppl or their pods in 0.5 and higher lol
Keefius > uh-oh./… lol
Sergentomyia > lol
Jenina Hawke > Tolin: Just don’t :;D
Tai Wan > TD you love pirating
Chiyeko Tomisoshe > i dont even do that in 0.5 and lower
Tolin Dorden > managed to stop myself before aggressin
Chiyeko Tomisoshe > im more up to PVC
Sergentomyia > PVC??? kinky
Tolin Dorden > hmm… interrestin
Chiyeko Tomisoshe > uhm… thats Player Versus Creatures… not THAT PVC…
* The Groupie sits up in bed and looks at the ppl in the room
Sergentomyia > lol
Chiyeko Tomisoshe > °blushes°
Chiyeko Tomisoshe > now i never get that mark off…

The quote at omgrawr.net

A handsome rogue

Memories flow back to me. Names and faces, voices and laughter. First of all Tolin Dorden. He is a damned charming rogue. I’ve known him in that RL expansion with the better graphics pack for years now, and he is a damned charming rogue here too. Flashy grin, always fast replies – and always on my side. We’ve played roleplaying games together on and off for years. Offline, that is. But it was Eve, that really made us get closer. Made us value each other even more.

As it is, he was the reason I tried Eve Online – and even if he has now left the game, he still laughs when I tell him of my adventures. I am happy he is now having too much going on in that RL expansion to have time to play Eve, although I miss him.

So, who is that Tolin Dorden – or who was he, in Eve? He is a Caldari pilot, always flying ravens and crows, carefree and mischieviously. And yet, strangely naïve and trusting at times. One of my favourite Tolin Dorden stories is from our early days together. I was still a total noob, so was our friend Keefer, and the three of us were flying around Jan/Nalvula to see if we could get into some PVP trouble.

After some close encounters – and I think some kills – we had annoyed the local pirates a bit, I guess. But, since we are basically nice persons, when someone asked us to help him with a level 4 mission, Tolin, as our wise and valiant leader, quickly said yes. Our CEO rumbled a bit on MSN, reminding us of the danger of trusting strangers in low sec… but Tolin, who is basically a very nice guy, helpful and friendly, ignored the warning.

The stranger asked to be made boss of the gang so he could warp us to the mission. “Sure”. We had to go to the nearby system – no problem. Then he warped us…. and suddenly we were sitting there in space, in our pods… What happened!?! It took me a long time to really fully realize just what had happened. Well, he had cleverly warped us to a POS!!

My first killmail

Back in the day, I was in a nice, carefree and friendly corp called Hmm Uk – after the creator and CEO. During my time in Hmm UK, I was a regular in the Eve Underground Radio and an eager participant in the EUR DJ-hunts.

So what is a DJ-hunt? Well, the DJs of Eve Underground Radio would announce a system, then offer a reward to who-ever killed their alt in that particular system. One of my favourite DJs was BigDave – so I really enjoyed hunting his alt. I teamed up with my friend Uber Evil and we, along with a competitor, killed BigDave.

This was of course before my sec status had deteriorated all the way. Sure, I was a little yellow – and a little bit more after that – but not that badly. I could still go shopping in Jita.