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Back in Autumn of 2006, Commander Nicholas and his corpmates proved to be mercenaries, who needed to rat in 0.0 to restore their security status. They also proved themselves to be bullies – and just like all other bullies, they wanted to be friends with the biggest players in the area and be free to hunt down all others.

So they wanted to create a NAP with Barracudas, since Barracudas included x13, a Danish based mercenary corp, and three other merc corps. Essentially, I guess they thought we had something in common. But… there is a difference… basically our alliance were honorable and, at least in my opinion, AIL was never such.

We went into an uneasy state of non-aggression. No real NAP agreed on, we were going to see what they were like. But they were told, unequivably, to stay the hell out of t-nnjz, the home of x13 and the Barracudas alliance.

Yet, when I logged on early one morning, one of the members of AIL was happily ratting in t-nnjz. MY HOME! I told him to gtfo – and when he refused, I, although possibly stupidly, attacked. He soon got help from his corpmates (and my alliance was off in Empire fighting FIX…) so my Dominix was shredded. Of course, the unfair rats turned on me as I came to help them 😀

Then something happened that I was not expecting. Commander Nicholas, using his alt Idimmu69, tried to ransom my pod! Wtf! When in 0.0, you kill or you don’t. You don’t do low sec piracy stunts like ransom. So of course I refused to even answer to his demands and after a while of him wasting both our time, I was in the cloning bay and able to update my pod.

See, the thing that Commander Nicholas and his merry band of fools did not know about me was that I never give in to ransom. Just like I would never negotiate with terrorists or kidnappers. Once you give in once, you lose enough self respect to do it again next time – and you feed your enemies while doing so.


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As it is, Tolin was quite upset when I told him that I was seconds from losing my caracal in a “friendly” duel. Especially when he heard that Exitium had been in a BS against a cruiser – and yet used drones… So we made a plan to show Exitium the reality of PVP.

Using my main PVP character, I once more agreed to a duel with Exitium. It was agreed that we would each use a frig. I choose a griffin, one of my absolute favourite ships. Exitium, eager to win again, choose a merlin and fittet it with, among other things, a best named Caldari jammer.

But this time Tolin and I did not want to play fair. We had a surprise planned. Hidden in system was Tolin in a blackbird, so when Exitium warped with me to a safespot in Amoderia, he soon realized that we were not alone.

Tolin helped me kill Exitiums Merlin – and then prompted me to kill the pod on my own. Of course Exitium was very upset by this betrayal of trust, this unfair treatment. But in our opinion, being in a cruiser and a frig vs. a frig was as fair as being in a BS vs. a cruiser and using drones. As I told him, in real PVP I would never be alone.

For a while Exitium ranted and raved about wanting to get us wardecked. Our CEO took this thread as seriously as it warranted – which is to say, not at all.

Lesson of the day: PVP is not about being fair – but it is about being a team. And life in low sec was costing me heavily in sec status, so it was time for me to move to 0.0…

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It was way back in time. I was still relatively low on ISK, flying a caracal in level 2 missions with my “nice girl” alt and flying as a tackler for my good friend Tolin Dorden when out to do PVP. We were in the good corp Hmm UK back them and always had lots of fun in the ingame channel Hmmsters.

I often picked up newish players who chatted in local and on one of my trips to Jita, I ran into a young wannabe pirate named Exitium. He kept shouting in local for people to play 1-vs-1 and I invited him into our public channel. And for a while, it was all good. He got to know us, we got to know him.

He still wanted to do 1-vs-1 more than anything. He was already flying battleships, while I was still in cruisers, so I knew that it would be a mockery of a duel. But, since my ego wasn’t as big as his, I figured I would do a duel with him – after all, it was supposed to be friendly, with all aggression ending when the ships had taken 2/3 of armor damage.

So we met in Amoderia, a 0.4 system near my Sinq Laison base. And the duel began. Only, Exitium really wanted to WIN! As if being in a battleship vs. a noob in a caracal wasn’t enough – he started using drones. This was back in a time, where drones were kind of hard to control and could not always be reliably recalled… so I ended up having to warp out with my ship dipping into structure damage.

After this, I realized that I don’t like duelling. It is not anything like real PVP at all, does not even show a true measure of strength and isn’t really fun. It just serves to boost the ego of small boys who cannot handle real PVP…

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