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Back in Autumn of 2006, Commander Nicholas and his corpmates proved to be mercenaries, who needed to rat in 0.0 to restore their security status. They also proved themselves to be bullies – and just like all other bullies, they wanted to be friends with the biggest players in the area and be free to hunt down all others.

So they wanted to create a NAP with Barracudas, since Barracudas included x13, a Danish based mercenary corp, and three other merc corps. Essentially, I guess they thought we had something in common. But… there is a difference… basically our alliance were honorable and, at least in my opinion, AIL was never such.

We went into an uneasy state of non-aggression. No real NAP agreed on, we were going to see what they were like. But they were told, unequivably, to stay the hell out of t-nnjz, the home of x13 and the Barracudas alliance.

Yet, when I logged on early one morning, one of the members of AIL was happily ratting in t-nnjz. MY HOME! I told him to gtfo – and when he refused, I, although possibly stupidly, attacked. He soon got help from his corpmates (and my alliance was off in Empire fighting FIX…) so my Dominix was shredded. Of course, the unfair rats turned on me as I came to help them 😀

Then something happened that I was not expecting. Commander Nicholas, using his alt Idimmu69, tried to ransom my pod! Wtf! When in 0.0, you kill or you don’t. You don’t do low sec piracy stunts like ransom. So of course I refused to even answer to his demands and after a while of him wasting both our time, I was in the cloning bay and able to update my pod.

See, the thing that Commander Nicholas and his merry band of fools did not know about me was that I never give in to ransom. Just like I would never negotiate with terrorists or kidnappers. Once you give in once, you lose enough self respect to do it again next time – and you feed your enemies while doing so.


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A handsome rogue

Memories flow back to me. Names and faces, voices and laughter. First of all Tolin Dorden. He is a damned charming rogue. I’ve known him in that RL expansion with the better graphics pack for years now, and he is a damned charming rogue here too. Flashy grin, always fast replies – and always on my side. We’ve played roleplaying games together on and off for years. Offline, that is. But it was Eve, that really made us get closer. Made us value each other even more.

As it is, he was the reason I tried Eve Online – and even if he has now left the game, he still laughs when I tell him of my adventures. I am happy he is now having too much going on in that RL expansion to have time to play Eve, although I miss him.

So, who is that Tolin Dorden – or who was he, in Eve? He is a Caldari pilot, always flying ravens and crows, carefree and mischieviously. And yet, strangely naïve and trusting at times. One of my favourite Tolin Dorden stories is from our early days together. I was still a total noob, so was our friend Keefer, and the three of us were flying around Jan/Nalvula to see if we could get into some PVP trouble.

After some close encounters – and I think some kills – we had annoyed the local pirates a bit, I guess. But, since we are basically nice persons, when someone asked us to help him with a level 4 mission, Tolin, as our wise and valiant leader, quickly said yes. Our CEO rumbled a bit on MSN, reminding us of the danger of trusting strangers in low sec… but Tolin, who is basically a very nice guy, helpful and friendly, ignored the warning.

The stranger asked to be made boss of the gang so he could warp us to the mission. “Sure”. We had to go to the nearby system – no problem. Then he warped us…. and suddenly we were sitting there in space, in our pods… What happened!?! It took me a long time to really fully realize just what had happened. Well, he had cleverly warped us to a POS!!

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At first, I was going to just be a nice girl, doing missions in high sec. Not run around doing wild and crazy PVP like Tolin Dorden – and certainly not be a pirate as he was at times!!!

But… that did not last long. He filled my head with stories about ravens and crows and the laughter of PVP – and within weeks, I was hooked. I had to try this PVP thing… but… I was way too young to be considered by his very serious and professional PVP corp, Euphoria Released. So… I persuaded him to take me along on some trips to low sec, teaching me how to tackle for his raven. We soon ran rampant in the pirate infested systems of Jan and Nalvula, reasonably close to Jita for easy shopping.

Soon, my sec status was showing a bit of wear. And after some months, I had gone below -2. I was in all but nature, a pirate.

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