The joy of teaching noobs PVP

A bit off my path into my past, I guess, more a look into my present. I am the CEO of Dromedary Goat Albatross and Fish – a corp which teaches noobs to PVP and then takes them with us into 0.0. Some make it, some don’t. Some leave us to be pirates like our beloved Wensley – some leave us to join other alliances – and some stay with us and help us teach more noobs. Some just stop playing and don’t tell us, go dormant. Sometimes it can be a bit of a repetitive and boring job, but most of the time, teaching noobs has a reward of its own.

This weekend, I was doing a fleet ops seminar for a group of new and semi-experienced pilots, teaching them about the difference of a fleet compared to flying on your own, commands used in a fleet, some of the dangers of 0.0 and what to expect once you get into 0.0. It is a a seminar we do while in high sec, and we even allow guests to join us, as it is quite safe and does not reveal secrets, so if you would like to try it, do sign up at our forum and look for the next one. Anyway, at the end of our fleet ops, I took my noobs to a nearby 0.0 gate where a camp of friendlies had a bubble on the gate and we were able to join in easily. In a relatively short while, we manage to take out an Enyo and I was pretty happy with the end of the day, as it meant all my noobs had been blooded successfully.

And then I woke up the next day to find out that one of the youngest of my noobs had gone out the next morning to prove me wrong. You see – I keep claiming that caldari frigs are no good for solo pvp. And that rifters are pretty good for that purpose… Well, young Lord Zekk did not want to listen. So he went to Wensleys homesystem and killed a rifter in his Kestrel

That’s the kind of mornings that makes it great to teach noobs. When they make me wake up and see that they listen, they do learn and they take what they learn and use it to be better than me at what they what to do. That’s why one of my mottos is “A noob a day makes the boredom go away”.

Lord Zekks After Action Report on the fight – you may need to register to read it.


Sarah Palin and the Gender Card

Ok, just a quick note, not very Eve related, before I pop out to go to class. I have an exam tomorrow, which is why I have been silent…

Sarah Palin… and the fact that she is a woman as a reason for voting for her? No way!

The Daily Show: We should not even be talking about Sarah Palin, because it is sexist…

Ransom in 0.0???

Back in Autumn of 2006, Commander Nicholas and his corpmates proved to be mercenaries, who needed to rat in 0.0 to restore their security status. They also proved themselves to be bullies – and just like all other bullies, they wanted to be friends with the biggest players in the area and be free to hunt down all others.

So they wanted to create a NAP with Barracudas, since Barracudas included x13, a Danish based mercenary corp, and three other merc corps. Essentially, I guess they thought we had something in common. But… there is a difference… basically our alliance were honorable and, at least in my opinion, AIL was never such.

We went into an uneasy state of non-aggression. No real NAP agreed on, we were going to see what they were like. But they were told, unequivably, to stay the hell out of t-nnjz, the home of x13 and the Barracudas alliance.

Yet, when I logged on early one morning, one of the members of AIL was happily ratting in t-nnjz. MY HOME! I told him to gtfo – and when he refused, I, although possibly stupidly, attacked. He soon got help from his corpmates (and my alliance was off in Empire fighting FIX…) so my Dominix was shredded. Of course, the unfair rats turned on me as I came to help them 😀

Then something happened that I was not expecting. Commander Nicholas, using his alt Idimmu69, tried to ransom my pod! Wtf! When in 0.0, you kill or you don’t. You don’t do low sec piracy stunts like ransom. So of course I refused to even answer to his demands and after a while of him wasting both our time, I was in the cloning bay and able to update my pod.

See, the thing that Commander Nicholas and his merry band of fools did not know about me was that I never give in to ransom. Just like I would never negotiate with terrorists or kidnappers. Once you give in once, you lose enough self respect to do it again next time – and you feed your enemies while doing so.

The Energizer Bunny

A bit off topic for my blog, but at the centre of what is going on in my world – well, that expensive RL expansion with the good graphics…

In the United States of America, an elderly gentleman has decided to run for President. And in an attempt to gain voters, he has choosen a 44 year old very right-wing hockey mom as his running mate. The most commonly used praise of this choice has been “She energizes the Republican Party!” and “The Republican Party has never been energized like this before!”.

WTF?!? Are they electing a Vice President of the United States or the next Energizer Bunny?

Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

Strangers in my home

It was back in September 2006, 2 years ago nearly to the date. I had been living happily in 0.0 for some months when the strangers appeared for the first time. Most of my alliance, Barracudas, was in Empire participating in a mercenary war against FIX, so I was one of the few left behind. As it is, my sec. status was too low for Empire war, so my orders was to go rat as much as possible, to increase my wallet and repair my sec status.

By now, I was flying a Dominix when ratting, taking advantage of my rather good drone skills. My friendship with Non Serviam had evolved fast since the night he saved me. He too was often out either ratting or ready for PVP in his Dominix.

As I entered one of the main ratting systems in the area, I noticed some strangers. From scan, I was soon aware that they were happily ratting – they had a haulerspawn and was hauling it 2 systems away to the nearest station. If I had been more experienced, this would have been an excellent time for me to get into a PVP ship and get some kills…

The strangers in local immediately started talking to me as if we were old friends. As I have always been flying NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) , I was not really ready to make friends with just anyone in local. This Commander Nicholas kept making private convos with me even though I closed them down. He was trying to convince me that he was in the middle of negotiations with my alliance leader – Ventosus – and that I was quite safe whenever they were around. Strangely, even though I was my CEOs confidential, I had not heard anything of this and was not really ready to trust his word on it.

While this Commander Nicholas was trying to sweettalk me, Non Serviam entered local in his Dominix. Commander Nicholas once more convoed me, trying to get me to tell him what the name of my Dominix was – so he could attack the right one, and not me, whom he wanted to befriend. What he did not realize, was that I was already ganged with Non Serviam and we were making plans on what to do in case they attacked…

This was my first of many encounter with Commander Nicholas – and one of the main reasons I always fly with auto-reject on…

But lazers look prettier…

Inspired by todays best post in Eve Online General Forum by DubanFP.

Ok, taking a break from the trip down memory lane, I think I’ll talk about one of my pet peewees. I seriously hate it when people do not fit to match the boni of the ship…

If you want to fit jammers, fly a griffin, blackbird, scorpion, falcon or kitsune. DON’T FLY A FREAKING MERLIN!!!

If you want to use lasers, fly Amarr ships with bonus to them!

And if you want to do PVP… don’t fly a freaking mining ship.

Oh, and don’t expect a girl to fit modules to match in color just because she is a girl. About 99.99% of us females actually think. Those who want to play dress-up and color co-ordinate are more likely to go with World of Warcraft than with Eve.

Although… I do take a lot of time making a new character, even for the lowliest alt, because I want the face, the background and the light to be just right…

A Knight in Shining Armor

My frient Agent2 Holtze – one of the Danes I had gotten to know during my early months in Eve – got me into Caldari Scouting and Intel Group (CSIG) and helped me move to Stain. He explained to me that we were blue – friendly – with both the two other corps living in the system, but they were fighting each other, so we had to be careful not to give intel on either side. Then he handed me a ferox and fittings and told me to go rat so I could build up some ISK for PVP…

I soon found out that especially three persons were very active in the area. The always silent, but deadly killer, Severe Pain – the talkative and somewhat scary End Yourself – and their grumpy but somehow impressive CEO Non Serviam. They were all members of a small corp called Core Domination.

Well, I started ratting – but my skills were not exactly impressive, so I managed to lose my Ferox to a group of rats in a belt. Then, silly as I was, I tried to warp to the belt in my hauler to get at least my surviving gear back to station – and that was killed by the rats too!

Worried, I looked in local. Sure, there was the guy called Non Serviam – and one of the members of the corp he was fighting. I noticed that he was using autoreject, so any attempt to do a private convo and ask for help was going to fail. So I tried asking for help in local, not really expecting to get it.

Non Serviam of Core Domination

Non Serviam of Core Domination

But… he agreed to help me. Despite having a hostile in system, he undocked and warped to the belt in his Dominix and killed off the rats. I asked him to take my gear with him, but he said he could not, as it was a PVP fittet ship and full of cap boosters. But – he offered to give me a new hauler, so I could go back and get my gear.

At last, I had found the Knight in Shining Armor that I had almost stopped believing in 😀